[Video opens with Dr. Mathews standing in front of a display of biomasses.]
Dr. Mathews: Biomass, if it is an agricultural waste or even a plant deliberately grown for use in biomass, then we have an excellent source of free energy. We just have to harvest it; it is free solar energy being stored in the plant. The plant grows, and we can come and harvest it. And one of the other nice things about it is it's CO2 neutral. Even though when we combust it we produce carbon dioxide, when you grow the tree again, or we grow the plant again, or even livestock, that CO2 is stored back in that animal or that plant. And, really, there are 4 classifications behind me which we are going to look at. There are the grasses, there are the woods, there are the proteins, and there are the fats and lards. We are going to have a look at each one of those.
[Video ends.]