Figure 5-1. Japan as a cut-out from a Mollweide equal-area world map centered jon the Greenwich meridian (top) and on a locally centered Transverse Cylindrical Equal-Area projection (bottom)

Figure 5-2. Africa on a Cylindrical Equal-Area projection with true-scale standard parallels at 20° N and S

Figure 5-3. Canada on an Albers Equal-Area Conic projection with true-scale standard parallels of 49° and 77° N

Figure 5-4. A Lambert Conformal Conic projection of the U.S. based on true-scale standard parallels at 33° and 45° N

Figure 5-5. Argentina portrayed on a Transverse Mercator projection with true-scale lines parallel to the centeral meridian (not shown)

Figure 5-6. A Briesemeister Equal-Area projection of the world

Figure 5-7. An Azimuthal Equidistant projection of the world centered on Buenos Aires, Argentina