1. As the Earth Turns
Arthur H. Robinson

2. Interrupting the World Map
Richard E. Dahlberg

3. Shaping the World Map
Richard E. Dahlberg

4. Projecting the Hemisphere
Judy M. Olson

5. Centering a Map on the Point of Interest
Mark Monmonier

6. Enlarging the Heart of the Map
John P. Snyder

7. Viewing the Earth from Space
Henry W. Castner

8. Showing Routes for Globe Circlers
Mei-Ling Hsu & Philip M. Voxland

9. Showing the Shortest Routes - Great Circles
Patricia P. Gilmartin

10. Straightening a Rhumb
Arthur H. Robinson

11. Measuring Directions and Distances for the Shortest Routes
John P. Snyder

12. Showing Ranges and Rings of Activity
Phillip C. Muehrcke

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