This paper verion of this document was printed by offset lithography on Warren Patina 70# text stock. Printing plates were generated from 2,540 dpi negative films imaged from digital files by a Linotronic 300 laser imagesetter. The digital files were created on Apple Macintosh computers using Aldus PageMaker 4.0 page layout software, WordPerfect Corporation's WordPerfect 1.03 word processing software, and several graphics software packages.

Most figures were originally generated with the University of Minnesota's WORLD Projection and Mapping Program (version 4.05) on a Zenith PC, then transferred to the Macintosh as PostScript files and modified with Adobe Illustrator 3. Others were screen-digitized using Illustrator or Aldus FreeHand 2.02 from drawing templates scanned from authors' paper originals. A few (such as Figure 10-2) were scanned with a Hewlett Packard ScanJet Plus at 300 dpi (interpolated to 600 dpi) from paper originals and retouched with Zedcor's DeskPaint 1.05. The WORLD program was developed and is maintained by Philip M. Voxland.

The type faces are Optima (titles and headings) and Palatino (text), both designed by Herman Zapf.

For the web version of this publication, Adobe Photoshop 4 for the PowerMacintosh was used for the graphics. Text editing was done with the Solaris 2.5 verion of the vi editor from Sun Microsystems.

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