Lesson 4: The Nile River - An Overview

Assignment: Nile Basin Geography

This assignment is designed to give you an introduction to the Nile Basin. You will learn about the countries, environments, and resources along the Nile. You may be surprised to learn that the Nile River Basin is not as simple as you think!

You will find a form in the Lesson 4 folder of ANGEL called "Nile Basin Geography" Submission Form. This is where you will submit your responses to the questions listed below.

Suggestions for tackling this assignment:

  1. Copy the questions below to a Microsoft Word file and work there on developing your responses. This is a safeguard against any Internet and/or ANGEL glitches that might occur while you are drafting your work.
  2. When finished, submit your paper to the Turnitin.com Inbox for "Nile Basin Geography " to confirm you have no accidental occurrences of plagiarism.
  3. After you have your report back from Turnitin.com, copy the sections from your MS Word document and paste under the appropriate questions in the online submission form for this assignment. The online submission form is titled "Nile Basin Geography" Submission Form; it is included in the Lesson 04 folder of ANGEL. You must submit this form by the due date mentioned on the Course Calendar in ANGEL.

Keep in mind... I am going to assume that everyone knows nothing about the Nile River! So your job in this course is to prove to me that you are learning something! I will look for details and evidence that you have thought about the material. And trust me, I can see through "fluff" that is copied directly from the Internet!


All responses must be uploaded in to ANGEL no later than 11:00 PM on the due date (see Calendar tab in ANGEL). Note that is 11:00 PM by ANGEL's clock, not by the clock on your computer! The submission form will disappear at 11:00 PM, and this assignment will not be accepted late under any circumstances. I have no problems giving students a zero for an assignment if they do not take the responsibility to submit by the deadline, so don't even think about trying to submit this late!

Assignment Questions:

  1. Where are the headwaters of the White Nile (please give the lake and country)?
  2. Where are the headwaters of the Blue Nile (please give the lake and country)?
  3. At what city (and in what country) do the White and Blue Nile Rivers meet?
  4. What direction does the Nile River flow?
  5. Beginning with Tanzania in the south, list all of the countries in the Nile Basin. These countries are known collectively as the Riparian Nations.
  6. Which of the Riparian Nations receive the least rain?
  7. Through what climate zones do the waters of the Nile River travel?
  8. What is the elevation change from the headwaters of the Blue Nile to the Delta? (hint: what is the elevation of the Nile River at the Delta?)
  9. What is the elevation change from the headwaters of the White Nile to the Delta?
  10. Is population density correlated with annual rainfall among the Riparian Nations?
  11. If you could choose a place to live within the Nile Basin, where would you pick? Given the location that you've chosen, what do you think you could do to earn a living? Explain.
  12. If you chose to live near the Nile Delta, you were thinking like an Egyptian. The Nile Delta is the most densely populated region in Egypt, containing nearly 2/3 of all the inhabitated land in that country. Why is the delta so popular?
  13. Which references did you use to complete this assignment? (List your references in APA format).

Resources to help get you started

A couple of places to get started:

  1. Use your Collins-Africa map, or any map available in your campus library, to locate the Nile Basin. You can also find a number of maps if you go to Google images and search for "Nile basin."
  2. Use the CIA's The World Factbook and Africa Environment Outlook to research population, climate, and rainfall information.

Grading criteria

Here is how the assignment will be graded.

  • Questions #1-12 will each be graded as 1 or 0. There is no partial credit given for responses - you either have the answer fully correct or you will not receive any points.
  • Question #13 - As for your references, I am looking for correct format in APA style. If you do not have the correct style, then I reserve the right to deduct 15 points off of your final assignment grade (once it is scaled to 100%) for inaccurate documentation. If there is an academic integrity violation, I will puruse the procedures outlined in Lesson 0.

The entire assignment is worth 12 points and will be scaled to a percentage out of 100%.

How do you find out your assignment grade?

One week after the assignment is due, the submission form will become "active" again. You need to go back into the form and click on your responses to see your score and my comments. Again, I will be recording in my gradebook your score based out of 100%.

If you have any questions...

...on this assignment, on Africa, on anything! Don't hesitate to get in touch with me via phone or email ASAP. I would not recommend waiting until the last minute to contact me, as I cannot guarantee a response before the assignment deadline.