Lesson 4: The Nile River - An Overview

Assignment: Part A of Rains and Rivers - Virtual River Discharge and River Flooding

You are probably wondering...determine the flows and floods of rivers? Where do these numbers come from? This Virtual River Laboratory exercise will help you to understand how river discharge and flooding are measured.


Note:   You must complete this online exercise in one sitting – meaning, this is not a module that you can start and come back to.   Please leave yourself at least a half hour to complete each lab.

  1. Select the first exercise “River Discharge.”
  2. Carefully go through each page of the exercise--read the material and answer the questions.
  3. At the end of the exercise, you will be asked to enter your name (please use your full name, no nicknames) and your school (please enter your Penn State campus location). The next Web page on that site will bring you to a blue box that has the "certificate."
  4. Windows users: Right-click in the blue box. A menu will pop up with the option “Save Picture as…” Select this option.   Name the file with your LAST NAME (such as GUERTIN). Leave the file type at Bitmap (.*bmp).

    Mac users: Follow the same directions as for Windows users, but...saving images on a Mac works a little differently than on Windows machines. Here are some tips for various browsers:
    • Firefox - click/hold on the image and a pop up will appear with a "Save image as..." option (no "right click" necessary)
    • Internet Explorer - ctrl-click on the image, and then select the "Download Image to Disk" option (basically same as "save as")
    • Safari - ctrl-click on the image and then select the "Save Image to Desktop" option
  5. Submit your file by uploading it into the "Lesson 4 - Virtual River Discharge Lab" dropbox, located in our Dropboxes folder under the Lessons tab in ANGEL.
  6. After submitting your certificate in the dropbox, return to the Web site http://www.sciencecourseware.com/VirtualRiver/ and select the second exercise "River Flooding."
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 5.
  8. Submit your file by uploading it into the "Lesson 4 - Virtual River Flooding Lab" dropbox, located in our Dropboxes folder under the Lessons tab in ANGEL.

How this will be graded

This assignment is Part A of the Rains and Rivers assignment (Part B follows on the next page in this lesson). You will not be given a numerical grade for these virtual exercises, but you will be given a grade of "zero" for the entire Rains and Rivers assignment if you do not place both of the certificates in the dropbox by the deadline. Meaning, no matter how well you do on Part B of Rains and Rivers, if you do not complete Part A, you will receive a grade of zero for this entire assignment!

You need to complete both virtual labs AND Part B of Rains and Rivers to receive credit.

If you have any questions...

...on this assignment, on Africa, on anything! Don't hesitate to get in touch with me via phone or email ASAP. I would not recommend waiting until the last minute to contact me, as I cannot guarantee a response before the assignment deadline.